Pidato Bahasa Inggris Perpisahan Kakak Kelas

Pidato perpisahan bahasa Inggris yang dibawakan kakak kelas, kelas 9.

Assalamualaikum wr wb
Alhamdulillahi robbil alamin ,washolatu awassalam ala asrofil anbiya I walmursalin wa ala alihi alihi wa ashabihi ajmaiin , amma ba”du.
Dear teachers and administration staff
Dear headmaster of Mts N Ciledug
Dear visitors and all the parents of the ninth year class
And all my beloved friends from seventh year class to the ninth year class

Before I speak ,let”s thank to Allah the almighty , Who has given us Mercy and Blessing, so we can meet together in this Place . Let’s deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad saw, Who has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, so we are always in the right way
And I don’t forget to thank to the master of ceremony who has given me a little time to speak in front of You all.

Dear ladies and gentlemen
In this occasion ,I would like to speak about parting ceremony in our school MTs N Ciledug.

Dear ladies and gentlemen
For Three years we had been studying here , for three years we had been reading the holy qu”ran every morning ,for three year we had been going to school and returning home for three years we had been joking ,for three year we had been communicating , kidding, playing and seeking the knowledge.
Today, at this moment is the last day to meet you , the last day to have communication with you all, the day that we shall leave our beloved school MTs N Ciledug, It had educated us for three years ,It had changed us to be a good students ,today we shall leave thousand stories we shall leave great number of joy full memories ,and we shall continue our struggle to reach our high aspiration in the future, to prove the one word “ the successful of our life “ in the future . And we say thank a lot to the teachers who had educated us ,who had brought us to the success way, who had guided us to the right way.

Dear ladies and gentlemen
It is necessary to say to our friends, especially the students of the seven year class and the eight year class, be a good students please, follow the regulation and discipline in our school,
Follow the good character of ours , ! improve your dedication ,increase your achievement ,so our school Mts N Ciledug will become the national school standard , our school will reach high progression in the future, our school will be famous school in Cirebon, even all over the world ,our school must be success to increase the morality , to spread Islamic teaching ,because Islam is the way of our life, as it was said in the song ,Islam is the way ,Islam is the way of life al Islam is the way al -Islamu dinul hayah .2X

Dear ladies and gentlemen !
So we are as the Moslem young generation must do the best character !
change our bad moral to the good one! use our remaining age with the useful activity ,with the best action ,with the fine moral with the smart behavior ,As prophet Muhammad said in His hadist :
Khoirunnasi man thola ‘umrohu wa hasuna ‘amaluhu, wa syarrunasi man thola ‘umruhu wa saa a ‘amaluhu , It means : The best people is the people who have long age and good charity ,and the worst people is the people who have long age but have bad action

Those are what I can deliver to you at this moment ,thank a lot for your attention and I ask forgiveness for my mistakes , and the lass I say : Wabilahi taufik wal Hidayah Wasalamu alaikum war wb

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