Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Dampak Positif dan Negatif Intenet

Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Dampak Positif dan Negatif  Intenet, dengan judul :

"The Positive and Negative of Using The Internet"

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh...Alhamdulillahi robbil alamin ,washolatu awassalam ala   asrofil anbiya I   walmursalin wa  ala  alihi  alihi  wa  ashabihi   ajmaiin , amma  ba”du.

Dear  chairman,
Dear  juries,
Dear  participants of  English speech contest And all  audiences ladies and gentlemen.

Before I speak, let's thank to Allah the Almighty,  Who has given us Mercy and Blessing, so we can  meet together in this Place. Let’s deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad Sholallahualaihiwassalam, Who has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, so we  are  always in the right way. And  I  don’t   forget  to thank to the  master of ceremony  who has  given  me  a little time to speak  in front of You  all.
Dear ladies and gentlemen
In this occasion, I would like to speak in front of you all under the title   "The Positive and Negative of Using The Internet"
Dear ladies and gentlemen

As we know  that we  are in global era at this moment, in this global era the modern technology grows very fast. In this global era  he electronic media improves perfectly, as we can watch  the development  of  technology right now, it is so fantastic! One of developing technology is the internet! it is the computer net using electromagnetic  with software  and  hardware connected all over the  world  ,and has provider that own many application and datas, serve more information can be accessed by any sides, of course the existence of internet has positive and  negative  effect.
First  I would like to describe the positive of using internet. By using internet we can know  more  about the world. By  using internet we can  enlarge the knowledge, By using internet we can communicate with many people all over the  world, with facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger, internet relay chatting (IRC ), etc (etcetera), By using internet we can do a lot of business without limit, By  using internet we can  change many information using e-mail, using world wide web, fast and easily.We can also improve our ability  we have  to upload on you tube  as we know shinta and jojo with "Keong Racun" and Briptu Norman with "Chaiya....Chaiya".They become famous people just only they upload their video on youtube, and all people around the  world  can watch it . Recently we watch together Bonar patutungan with andai aku gayus ,just he uploaded it on youube he becomes popular man. And the other advantage of  using internet is  for entertainment such games, music, film, video, and so on .We can download the  fanny video, interesting film, and thousand music and we can save in our flash disc, then someday watch again in our computer. And we can also study English online in the internet, many websites can be downloaded in the internet when ever, and where  ever we want.and  who  like  music can  download million song .for example I like English song, I just download it then I can listen It and sing it ,of course  we  can study English trough  music. Would you like to listen to my favorite English song that I  have downloaded it from internet ? oke I am going to sing it .Do you want to listen to it  ? listen carefully  oke Those are the advantages of using internet.
Dear ladies  and gentlemen
And the  negative of using internet  are pornography, violence and gore, deception, carding, gambling, addicted games and so on.
Dear ladies and gentlemen
It is  so danger  if young generation addicted by games or watching porn action in the internet  because they can bit into moral of young generation, I hope you don’t try to open the porn site anymore because it can influence you attitude. It is danger for you to open it ! don’t  try to try to open the  porn site oke! Those  are  what I  can deliver to  you at this  moment ,thank  a lot  for your attention and  I  ask forgiveness  for  my  mistakes, and the lass I say  :Wabilahitaufik wal Hidayah WasalamualaikumWarahmatullahi Wabarakatu

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