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Pidato Tentang Islam dengan judul Islam Safe Our Life yang artinya Islam menjaga Kehidupan Kita. Teks Pidato ini bisa digunakan untuk semua kalangan apalagi dikalangan pelajar...


Alhamdulillah hadana lihada wama kuna linahtadiya laula an hadanalloh mayadihi lahu falamudilalloh wamayudlihhu fala hadiyalah. Ashadu ala ilaha ilallah waashadu ana muhammadan abduhu warosuluh wakola nabiya badah. Kola robisrohli sodri wayasirli amri wahlul ngukdatam milisani ya’kohu kauli, Alohuma soli ala sayidina Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad. Ama ba’du.

The most honorable head master and staf of SMK NS
The most respectfully head and staff  boarding School Foundation
The most regarded guest invitation and also my respected juries council, and all my beloved friends in the 1st, 2nd , 3rd class the expected generation in the future.
First of all, lets thanks to the great of Allah because his mercy and his blessing we are here in the best chance go public vocational high school NS. Best regard and greeting may be always up on his prophet and messenger Uswatun khasanah and Khatamul anbiyawalmursalim sayidina Muhammad whom we are expecting his syafaat in the day of judgment  allohuma amienn….
Ladies and gentlemen…
On this very happy occasion, I would like to talk about Islam safe our life . As we know that we life in the world is very short and temporary . But life in the here after     is very long and eternal. We live in the world only sixty or seventy years then we will die. When we die we will leave all our children, our wife, our position, and our belongings.
Life in the world we need some money for good life and for that we are willing to work hard hours night and day. In the here after we need iman and amal sholeh and we must also move effort to work hard at least as hard we work for money.
Allah swt. Puts our success in the world and in the here after just only in the perfect religion of Islam.
Allah said in the Holy Qur’an :
Actually the religion with accepted by Allah only Islam.
Ladies and Gentlemen
            A person who live without religion of  Islam is like a fish come out of water. If we okey to Allah and His messenger Muhammad saw, Avoid his prohibition Allah will give us his mercy and his blessing in our live and also our livelihood. Allah swt has sent over one hundred and twenty for thousand prophets to remind people at their future life in the her after including Allah swt has sent prophet Muhammad saw as the last prophet, so there is no prophet will come after him. So the work of dakwah was given by all of us as the follower of prophet Muhammad saw, we have to follow him during twenty four hours a day, because every action of prophet Muhammad saw has a value of paradise.
There is no way to success except following the way of life prophet Muhammad saw said:
Man Ahya sunati fazada ahabbani waman ahabbani kunna manjilihi fil jannati
Whoever revives my way of live actually love me and whoever love me will be together with me in the paradise.
            So  prophet become the best people in their time because the work on dakwah and all companion of Rasullulah have had the perfect religion, I was mainly because all of them had six noble character with them.
 Ladies and gentleman
            If we want to have perfect religion in our life we have to follow the four steps of those successful people by making effort to obtain the six noble character into our life.
-          The first character having he essence (haqiqot) the sentences Lailahaillalah muhammadarosulillah
-          The second doing the solat with full concentration and humbly
-          The third knowledge and remembrance of Allah
-          The fourth honoring muslim brother
-          Fifth sincerity of intention
-          Sixth exerting and conveying people by Allah
So as a Moslem we have o follow the way of life prophet Muhammad saw particularly we have to do the pray five time only with jamaah in the mosque, because in the maphum hadist a person who doing his sholat on time with jamaah will be given five guarantee :
1.      He will be awarded on easy livelihood
2.      The punishment of cemetery will be removed from him
3.      He will receive the book of Amal with his right hand
4.      He will pass the bridge of Shirot with lighting speed
5.      He will enter the paradise without reckoning
Ladies and Gentlemen
            By this case can be taken conclusion that we have to do and follow the way of life prophet Muhammad saw in order were safe live in the word and in the here after. Work for your world as if you will live forever and work for you’re here . He as you will did tomorrow world can wait here after cannot.
            Thank you very much for your attention, primarily I speak until the end of session on speech without any politeness so many mistake of rudeness I make, I really ask apologize.


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